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Julia Zuckerberg – ’13

When I began my involvement with John Jay High School’s Student Film Fest, I did not foresee the experience that I would soon take part in as a student board member of ArtsAlive!. I look back on my time with this dedicated, passionate team of devotees to the arts fondly, and am reminded of how fortunate it was for me as an art-obsessed high school student to take part. Opened up before me were opportunities to take on as a leader in the arts, not only on the film fest

committee but also on a variety of

projects over the course of two years. As a co-editor of the Reflections, John Jay’s literary and arts publication, I took part in the process of creating the magazine from a few story prompts and ideas to a sleek finished product. ArtsAlive! ‘s role in the fulfillment of publishing Reflections has extended beyond a supporter to that of an essential partner. The Film Fest, Reflections, and the numerous performing arts events have defined my years at John Jay, whether as an active participant or as an applauding seat-filler. I know that without the existence of ArtsAlive! and the endeavors of all involved, my high school years would’ve been significantly duller. On behalf of all art kids-past present and future-that you have given a platform for expression, I thank you, Arts!Alive.

Pratt Institute
September 2013

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