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Eli Lee ’13

It has been a privilege to work with ArtsAlive! and to observe the profound effect it has had on the arts scene at John Jay. During my senior year, I was given the opportunity to approach ArtsAlive! with a new project—the funding and publishing of Reflections, our high school’s literary magazine. I was humbled by the enthusiastic help and support that ArtsAlive! readily provided. Through every step of the publishing process, the ArtsAlive! board volunteered a wealth of valuable ideas and suggestions, and as I attended meetings, I realized that my experience with the organization was in no way unique. In fact, ArtsAlive! provides capable guidance and crucial funding to all sorts of artistic activities at John Jay, from our spectacular annual Film Festival to our music department’s yearly trip to Lincoln Center. Eventually, thanks to ArtsAlive!, my group was able to publish Reflections to our exact specifications. I think I speak for the entire arts community at John Jay, however, when I say that ArtsAlive! is an invaluable, exceptional, and irreplaceable resource.

Eli Lee
Harvard University
September, 2013

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