Class Trip to Lincoln Center – Spring 2012

Lincoln Center Trip 2012From Amy Geiger, music teacher at JJHS, to ArtsAlive!:

I wanted to thank you all for sponsoring our trip to Lincoln Center this year.  The students and I spent the day submersed in musical activities and it was an absolute BLAST!  For many of the students, it was their first time hearing the NY Philharmonic live in concert.

In addition, we had the added bonus of seeing Wayne Shorter and his group play at the Rose Theater at Jazz at Lincoln Center.  Once again, the students boarded the bus at 11pm that night and couldn’t contain their excitement. Thank you ArtsAlive! for this amazing opportunity; the students and I greatly appreciated it!!!

Amy Geiger

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Co-Founder Anne Borrell on the 2012 Film Festival

The Film Festival now stands at the top of my list of The BEST ArtsALIVE! Events of All Time …

It stands with The Poetry Slam and The Laramie Project. Each of these events crossed disciplines and was inspired by the united efforts of a varied but devoted group – with collaboration and artistry at their core.

The Film Festival Keynote Speaker, Mr. Spione, articulated a thoughtful message, carefully crafted to inspire and inform. He spoke from his heart, balanced by his intellect. What better qualities could we hope for our students to emulate?

The student work was so varied; moving, funny, artistic. It demonstrated a wide range of talents and sensitivities.

The organization behind the scenes by our ArtsALIVE! organizers – both students and committee members – was flawless. The sound system, the projector, the seamless organization and timing between the videos was exceptionally well done!

And, of course, the atmosphere at Caramoor was exquisite!

It was particularly rewarding for me to see so many faculty in the audience, on their own time, sharing in the mutual success of The Film Festival project, still in its infancy, but so full of promise.

What can I say? Let’s hope this continues for years to come.

– Anne Borrell
A Founder of ArtsALIVE!

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2nd Annual John Jay Film Festival at Caramoor May 18!

Buy your tickets by clicking here!

It’s official! The Second Annual John Jay Film Festival will be held at Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts this Friday, May 18th, from 7-9pm.

Check out the trailers below!

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Keynote speaker at the JJHS 2nd Annual Film Festival is Oscar-nominated Katonah Resident James Spione

Katonah resident James Spione, who was nominated last year for an Academy Award for his documentary, “Incident in New Baghdad”, will the keynote speaker at the Film Festival Friday May 18th.

Here is a link to the website for his film. Click here.

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2nd Annual JJHS Film Festival Trailer 2

Created by Elena Gallagher

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2nd Annual JJHS Film Festival Trailer 1

Created by Connor McCune

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Emergency Appeal for Membership/Donations! – from Tomm Polos ’06

I was going to fill this plea with zingers, but there’s nothing funny about a John Jay without ArtsALIVE.

ArtsALIVE’s funds, which go entirely toward arts-related programming for the students of John Jay High School, are perilously low. Although their fall theatrical fund-raising event was a success, they are still $12,000 short of what they need this year. That amount sounds like a lot, but if 300 people paid $40 for yearly membership, they’d hit their goal.

Please consider donating any amount: $40, $20, even $10 or $5 helps ArtsALIVE, gets great programming into the current student body, and don’t forget: IT’S TAX-DEDUCTIBLE for you!

How do you donate? There is a paypal button right on the homepage of this swanky new website:

They will be posting more information here about this year’s programs.

Thanks for your support!

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Congrats: JJHS Vocal Jazz group finished THIRD in the Berkeley Jazz Festival!

JJVJ at Hynes - Berklee March 2012

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Video of Rite of Spring Student Art Show at Katonah Library

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Berklee Jazz Festival preview! 4 weeks and counting!!!

Led by Steven Morse, instructional leader in Performing Arts, the John Jay High School Vocal Jazz Ensemble performed at Thursday night’s board of education meeting.

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