Encore Cabaret 4: December 22, 2015!

The fourth annual John Jay Encore Cabaret will take place before the holidays this year, on Dec 22 at 7pm. Advance tickets are on sale at eventbrite at this link

encore poster 2015 smaller

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Spanish class visit to Frida Kahlo exhibit at NY Botanical Gardens

The students from Maria Vales’s Spanish classes visited the NYC Botanical Gardens for an exhibit about Frida Kahlo. Here is a photo of one of the groups attending. JJHS-FRIDA KAHLO-NYBG 2015

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Order your Wall of the Arts plaque before April 30!

The deadline to order a Wall of the Arts plaque is April 30. The order form can be found here, and click here to view the information page.

The new plaques will be celebrated with a reception before the Variety Show at the end of the year. Details to follow!

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Come celebrate the grand opening of the JJHS student art gallery!

paintingThis invitation came from the Art faculty at John Jay High School:

Students will exhibit drawings, paintings, ceramics, films, photographs and animation at the JJHS Rite of Spring Art Show!

The opening reception will take place on Thursday, March 19 from 6:00-8:30 (opening night of Grease!) in the new gallery (main entrance hallway). Refreshments will be served. The event is free and open to the public.

We hope to see some of you there.


Judi Offenberg
Julie Evans Kaser
Amy Stockfield
Diane Nerwen


The expenses for the creation of this art gallery were funded entirely by money raised from parents and community of the Katonah Lewisboro School District. Thank you all for your generous donations!

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Fundraising for new Art Gallery for JJHS!!

The long empty hallway in John Jay High School is about to become a permanent Art Gallery! Here’s a computer rendering of how it might look, and a fundraising appeal to help ArtsALIVE! fund this wonderful permanent addition to the cultural life, and beauty of the campus!

David Gordon's rendering of the art gallery at JJHS

David Gordon’s rendering of the art gallery at JJHS

Dear John Jay High School Families:
For many years supporters of ArtsAlive!, along with the staff, have imagined the corridor leading from the main office to the theater, the one that currently houses the bust of John Jay himself, as the site of a permanent gallery for the display of student art and special exhibitions.

Conversations about this idea were rekindled recently when Paul Christensen, our Operations and Maintenance Director, suggested that a gallery could be created with materials he recommends at a cost much lower than any quoted in the past.  The gallery, when realized, will provide a beautiful stage to present your children’s talent to the rest of the student body, their families, and the entire community.

ArtsAlive!, JJHS’s booster organization for the arts, is in a position financially to seed the project. However, in order to afford both the gallery project and to continue to support arts-related events, we would like to invite John Jay families to help us make the gallery a reality by making a one-time contribution to the ArtsAlive! Gallery Fund.

The project has two phases, but we would like to execute them as one. The cost of phase one, installation of tack board on which to mount the artwork, is $2,500.00. This is the amount that ArtsAlive! will commit to ensure the gallery can be up and running by March 19. We plan an opening reception of the annual spring art student exhibition to coincide with the opening of the school musical, Grease.

Phase two of the project involves the installation of protective plexiglass over the tack board to protect the work displayed. The total cost of phase 2 is $4,000.  A computerized rendering of the new gallery, created by JJHS senior David Gordon, is included with this message.

The ArtsAlive! board is creating a unique opportunity for families to support the arts and be honored as founders of the John Jay Art Gallery. Those donating $200 or more before February 27th will become Gallery Founders at the following levels:
Patron: $200-500
Sponsor: $500-1,000
Benefactor: $1,000 – $1,500
First Founder: Above $1,500

Donors will be memorialized on a Founders Honor Role that will be permanently and attractively installed in the new gallery.  Donations of any amount will be acknowledged in the program at the open reception March 19.

Funds raised in excess of the initial cost of the project will support gallery maintenance and the mission of ArtsAlive! to bring quality arts-based programs to our school.

We hope that you will become a founder of the JJHS Art Gallery. Donations may be made through Paypal at this link:

Using this site allows you to donate using any credit card as well as your Paypal account.  Your donation is 100% is tax-deductible.

Donations may also be made by check and mailed to ArtsAlive!, 60 N. Salem Rd., Cross River, New York 10518, or you may deliver donations to the school receptionist in an envelope directed to Gil Cass, Assistant Principal. Checks should be written to ArtsAlive!.  Please note “Art Gallery” on the “For” line in the lower left hand corner of your check.

Again, while contributions to ArtsAlive! of any amount for the Gallery will be gratefully accepted, those wishing to be honored as Founders of the Art Gallery should make their donation of $200 or more no later than February 27th.

Thank you!


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Encore Cabaret 3 Lineup

The Encore Cabaret 3 is shaping up to be a great show! 7:30 on Saturday, January 10th. Tickets for sale at the door starting at 7PM.
Here is the lineup of fantastic talent!

Zander Bolgar – Lighting
Nick Barasch
Keely Bochichio-Spios
Amanda Catrini
Andre Catrini – Musical Director
Kai Davino-Collins
Thomas DeVittorio
Philip Eng
Kristin Kelleher
John Anthony Loffredo
Evan McReddie
Brian Porco – Technical Director
Tomm Polos – Master of Ceremonies
Emma Wellington

Current Students
Brandon Alexander
Abigail Gabor
Sam Johnston
Emily Knutsson
Jessica Li
Christina Martino
Sarah McMahon
Morgan Milone
Bailey Owen
Carly Post
Jessica Rooney
Charlotte Thompson
Sarah Zuk

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Encore Cabaret 3!

EC3 Poster 2014

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Reflections 2014!

ArtsALIVE! teamed up with the Reflections club led by Dr. Hefferon to publish the 2013-2014 edition of Reflections, the JJHS Literary and Visual Arts Magazine, beautifully printed in full color with amazing fiction, poetry and artwork from over 25 students. Still available – get your copy!Reflections 2014 cover

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Field trip to see Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”

On February 12th of this year, 54 students from Dr. Hefferon’s Humanities classes and Mr Friedmans’ Acting classes went to see the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Twelfth Night on Broadway. Arts Alive made an incredibly generous donation to defray the cost of this event for our students. It was an absolutely amazing production which was enjoyed by all – as you can see from just a sampling of student responses to Arts Alive’s generosity:

Thank you so much for your generous donation to our field trip. I’ve never had the opportunity to see a live Shakespeare performance before, and this was such a great experience for me. I’ve read other Shakespeare plays – Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, Hamlet – but I’ve never read Twelfth Night before, but after seeing the show, I absolutely loved it. Seeing the play acted out, I was able to follow the plot much more easily than I usually do when reading a Shakespeare play with translations every other page! It was hilarious, it was clever, and it gave me a new appreciation for Shakespeare’s work. So, again, thank you!

Thanks so much for discounting those Shakespeare tickets for us. Honestly, beforehand I had never really enjoyed reading Shakespeare in school, but watching on the stage performed by not only amazing but entertaining actors really just put me in awe. The fact that material written about 500 years ago can still have the same resonance on audiences today is really the ultimate testament to his work. Also, I saw Orlando Bloom there, who is just as dreamy looking in person.

Thank you so much for letting us see the extremely humorous and enjoyable production of Twelfth Night. It was incredible. Unlike other Broadway productions, I admired the commitment of the cast who made the production seem like we were all living during the time of Shakespeare. The presentation of the live theater, including watching the actors get dressed on stage, speaking without mics, and the live small band with a small audience on the stage, as well as the extraordinary and intelligent acting by the cast, created an iconic production that would make anyone understand the inspiring and unique works of Shakespeare.

Thanks to Arts Alive for helping our students experience such an unforgettable production!

Twelfth Night trip2

Twelfth Night trip

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Photos from 4th Annual JJHS Student Film Festival

Some photos from the Fourth Annual JJHS Student Film Festival, held this year at John Jay’s own theatre. Producer John Donkin gave a fantastic talk about the ins and outs of producing an animated feature at Blue Sky Studios. Here are some photos of a few of the student filmmakers as well.

John Donkin, Keynote, gives a talk on Blue Sky

John Donkin, Keynote, gives a talk on Blue Sky







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